RCII was established in 1991 by the Council of Manufactures in Informatic Industry in order to promote and develop the level of national technology, infrastructures, technical know-how, quality of processes, services, domestic products, imports and exports in areas of ICT, electricity, electronics and relevant industries. Today, 53 companies active in ICT industries comprise the shareholders of RCII.

RCII accomplishments

• Research in new domestic and global achievements and technologies in the area of ICT;

• Conducting strategic studies in the area of ICT;

• Research and development of laboratories required by ICT industries and audio-video equipment, digital receivers, home appliances, clinical equipment, cell-phones and batteries;

• Research and development of laboratories in areas of CA and PKE;

• Research on security and quality of softwares and establishing appropriate laboratories;

• Research on and development of open system software;

• Preparing a security assessor and a security provider;

• Sampling from all imported goods;

• Inspection and sampling of domestic and exporting industrial and consuming electrical, electronic and clinical equipment;

• Inspection and sampling of products from domestic manufacturing factories which are granted with the ISIRI certificate; 

• Inspecting the after-sales companies.