SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) measurement laboratory

Biologic effects of electromagnetic radiations have always been a concern for the users of cell phones and similar devices. With increase of their application in daily life, such as using PCs and inductive or microwave stoves, this problem has remained as a serious concern for the researchers. Thence, the standards for permissible limits and measurement methods for a quantity known as SAR are compiled. This quantity indicates the extent of thermal energy absorbed by the body tissue as a result of electromagnetic radiations. A number of standards discussing this issue are:

IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEEE 1528, EN 50383, EN 50361, EN 50360, national standard ISIRI1187-1 and CRA-DEC91001 issued by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran.    

This laboratory is prepared to conduct tests on the following equipment:

Mobile phones(all frequency bands including 2G and 3G) Body worn printers
Laptops & Tablet PCs PTT Radios
Micro Base Stations Antennas(single and multi-band)
Pico Base Stations Cordless Telephones
Femto Cell Base Stations Private Mobile Radios