Medical electrical equipment


Safety laboratory for electrical medical equipment
This laboratory is the only one which has acquired the ISO 17025 accreditation certificate from National Accreditation Center of Iran in the field of safety tests for electrical medical equipment based on national standard 3368 and international standard IEC 60601-1-1.

Some of the safety tests are:
•    Electric shock (electric strength tests, touch currents, insulation resistance, protective earth resistance…);
•    Energy related hazard;
•    Fire;
•    Heat related hazard;
•    Mechanical hazards;
•    Radiation;
•    Chemical hazards.

Testable types of electrical medical equipment

Product National standards numbers
Electrical medical equipment, general requirements for safety 3368
Electrical equipment, control and laboratory use 4232
Dental units, patient chairs and operating lights 3804,3805,3806
Children incubator  3368, 3368-2-19
Electrically powered suction equipment 3368, 4592
Operation room tables 3368, 3368-2-46
Sterilizing equipment- dry heat( heated air)sterilizers 4232, 8475
Laboratory centrifuges 4232, 4232-20
Transportable steam sterilizers 4860, 4863