Electrical home appliances


Safety laboratory for electrical home appliances and the like

This laboratory, granted with the accreditation certificate for testing laboratories by General Office of Standards and Industrial Research of Tehran, performs safety tests on  electrical home appliances and the like, based on national standards 1562-1 and 1562-2-x and international standards IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-x  .

Some examples of these safety tests are:

• Electric shock (electric strength tests, touch currents, insulation resistance, protective earth resistance…);

• Energy related hazard;

• Fire;

• Heat related hazard;

• Mechanical hazards;

• Radiation;

• Chemical hazards.

Different types of electrical home appliances and the like which may be tested

Vacuum cleaners and water-suction cleaning appliances Commercial electric griddles and griddle grills
Electrical shavers, hair clippers  Commercial electric multi - purpose cooking pans
Grills, toasters and similar portable cooking appliances Commercial electric forced convection oven with steam generator
Warming plates and similar appliances Electrical fans
Electrical kitchen machines Commercial electric room heaters
Electrical appliances for heating liquids  Electrical irons
Electrical storage water heaters Microwave ovens
Electrical appliances for skin or hair care Electrical sewing machines
Electrical stationary cooking ranges, hobs, oven and similar appliances  Commercial electric steam cooking appliances
Electrical instantaneous water heaters