Software Quality Evalution


Software quality evaluation laboratory based on ISO/IEC/ISIRI 25000 series of standards

RCII’s quality laboratory as the first software quality laboratory in Iran has succeeded to gain ISO 17025 standard certificate meant to accredit those laboratories engaged in tests or calibration

 Software quality test activities in RCII are based on latest world standards and methodologies. Hence, many national standards have been drafted in RCII and many have been utilized. The most significant and newest standards identified in testing are the series 25000 national standards titled as ‘Evaluation and quality requirements of software products(SQuaRE)’ and older relative ones such as ISO9128 and ISO14598. In the process of evaluating software standards, many relevant test tools are thus utilized.    

Examples of most important quality tests carried out in RCII’s quality laboratory are:

Functional test to ensure the correct performance of system under test

• Load test in order to investigate the level of support for the maximum number of users 

• Stress test in order to investigate the system’s performance in cases of failure of hardware resources

• Volume test in order to investigate the maximum number of records and data stored in the system

• Performance test  in order to investigate the system’s response time in different conditions

• Security test in order to investigate the permission levels

• User interface test in order to investigate if the system is user friendly