Battery test Lab


Cell-phones and notebook batteries laboratory
Batteries laboratory scope
A variety of batteries and rechargeable lithium secondary cells and many types of portable lead acid batteries according to IEC 61960, IEC 61959, IEC 62133 and IEC 61056-1 standards including many types of IT equipment batteries based on IEC 60950 standard.

  Some of the safety and performance tests are:
•    Discharge performance tests in 20? temperature 
•    Discharge performance tests in –20? temperature 
•    Fast discharge performance tests in 20? temperature 
•    Internal resistance tests
•    Electrostatic discharge tests
•    Continuous charging test
•    High temperature test

Office equipment energy consumption measurement laboratory
This laboratory has been granted the ISO 17025 accreditation certificate by Iran Accreditation Bureau in the field of office equipment energy consumption measurement based on 10641 national standard
Examples of equipment liable to this compulsory standard are:
•    Mobile computers
•    Printers
•    Scanners
•    Video display units
•    Photocopiers